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Eat less meat

There are so many more vegetarians around these days – they have all learnt the secret that eating good vegetable based diets usually make you feel better. But you don’t have to be a true vegetarian to make a difference. You just need to eat less meat every time you cook.

There is meat free week, and meat free Mondays. They are all good concepts but like anything where there is abstinence involved, we sometimes struggle to maintain it. 7 days without meat doesn’t compare to a wholesale reduction in daily meat consumption. I am not a vegetarian but I prepare a meal everyday for a family of five that celebrates the amazing vegetables that we can grow and buy and on some days I add a small amount of meat to the dish. And I mean small. Bolognaise is served with the meat from delicious roasted bones, curry is served with side dishes and half a chicken breast sliced in a way that extends it to feed five of us. There are many more of these simple concepts and you wont go without. You eat more fibre and in my opinion you feel lighter, sleep better, improve gut health, not to mention the multitude of advantages for our environment and the animals. Recipes that celebrate this concept will be regularly blogged on this site.

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