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Do you know how amazing it is to pick your own produce from a productive garden, take it back to the kitchen, bake some bread and cook up a range of dishes together and enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delicious shared meal and a glass of local wine?


5 years in development, this seasonal, paddock to plate experience is a highly intimate workshop involving an extensive tour of the farm, discussing production and growing systems, regenerative and permaculture farming principles and harvesting food for the cooking class.

Please note that this workshop is currently set up for group bookings only. A minimum of 4 is required. For booking sizes more than 5, or less than 4, please get in contact with us to discuss.  

Sourdough will also be a feature for 2021, with a combination of fundamental, from scratch, cooking experiences and learning some basics of sourdough along the way. 

2021 will also concentrate on plant based eating with a focus on seasonal vegetables with small integrations of high welfare ethically produced meat - a feature of our farm. 


The food collected will be taken to our purpose built kitchen and eating space overlooking our orchard, where we will collectively prepare a range of dishes. Where food cannot be harvested from our farm, it will be sourced from other local producers with a similar sustainable farming philosophy to us. Participants will cook different parts of the menu with everyone getting an opportunity to be involved in all aspects of the teaching. The afternoon will finish with us all enjoying the food we have just prepared.


This course is hands on, highly practical, informative, delicious and fun with the intention that everyone will leave with new skills and inspiration on how to take this farm and cooking experience home to your own kitchen and family lives.

Example menu:

Sourdough bread

Sourdough crackers

Kefir or yoghurt flatbread

Ricotta making

Ghee or clarified butter from scratch

Grain cooking or Pasta/pastry (variation) with seasonal additions - direct from the garden



Individuals $200 per person (Minimum 4 required)

Private Group of 4 friends: $850 + BF

Private Group of 5 friends: $1000 + BF


Upcoming dates to be confirmed. 

Spring/Summer: All classes 9.30 - 3.00pm

Some shots from our workshops

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