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farm tours


Sustainability based farm tours - visit our regenerative farm, learn processes and principles and visit our animals.

We have started a regenerative farm from scratch, now the subject of a YouTube mini doco.


Come and visit our small farm on a sustainability tour. We will walk through our 1600m2 orchard full of a diverse range of producing trees including tea and coffee and our large kitchen garden where we will pick some seasonal food to eat with some sourdough. 

Meet our animals that are raised using high welfare and low stress handling techniques.


Ask lots of questions, have a cup of tea or coffee and take home some new knowledge. 

No matter where you live, we can all reduce our footprint.  We can talk through solar, water, compost, seed raising, chicken keeping, sourcing high welfare food at the supermarket etc



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Farm Tour ~ 2-2.5hours. 

Sunday 18 October 2020 9.30 - 3.30pm


Some shots from our workshops

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