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Cows Gone Wild

HI. I love cows. Particularly when they are on the right side of the fence. Last Friday we let them into the house paddock which is behind this fence where you can see lovely lush grass. We usually stay with them and do various jobs while we watch that they don’t get into trouble. We have things in here they can damage – young trees and bits of building material and most importantly we have an almost finished house pad complete with inner wooden frames and a superbly finished burnished concrete floor surface. It has a roof and doorways and bedrooms but is not yet complete.

Well we got distracted didn’t we.  And guess where we found them. Wandering around the kids bedrooms, the loungeroom and the kitchen. By some miracle, they didn’t poo one of their sloppy winter grass poos in there.  

They did however, leave some trademark hoof prints on our floor to remind us that we live on a farm with curious cows….

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