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Sourdough – Community Supported Baking CSB

New CSB Community Supported Baking coming to town

In July 2019, our highly anticipated Rofco bread oven arrives from Belgium.  We are looking at the possibility of starting up a Community Supported Baking  system (CSB) that we have seen run in other parts of Australia. This would mean that if you are keen on a regular loaf of sourdough from One Table Farm, you would sign up to our CSB for a period of time (for e.g. 3 months) and we would drop off all loaves of bread to a specified location once a week for your pick up. It works in a similar way to fruit and veg boxes where you pay ahead of time to allow the producer to know that there are committed customers. We are continuing to work on the details but drop us a line via our email address if you are interested in hearing more details or being kept in the loop.

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