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This hands-on highly practical workshop for a maximum group of 8, will provide an incredible introduction to sourdough bread making including how to manage your starter, how to work with flour and water ratios and how to make a delicious sourdough loaf.

Each participant will make their own loaf through to the final baking. 

The teaching recognises the busy nature of our lives and provides tricks and strategies to implement sourdough into everyday life.

This workshop could also be used as a refresher for those that want to reinvigorate their love of sourdough.


Delicious treats will also be offered during this workshop and will include a sourdough based lunch. Participants can also take a tour of our farm.


  • Delicious sourdough lunch and other tastings

  • Your own loaf of bread

  • Scoring lame

  • Dough scraper 

  • Your own sourdough starter taken from our 10 year old starter. 

  • Tour of our farm

  • Other special extras on the day

Cost: $160 + booking fee

or for 4 lucky friends: $600 + booking fee.


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Sunday 19 January 2020 9.30-4.00pm

Some shots from our workshops