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About one table farm

we trade

What is "We Trade" 

'We Trade" is a collaborative based community model where we invite like minded people to inquire about the potential to trade goods or services, or to collaborate with us. Building diversity and energy on the farm is critical to its ongoing success and we have already had the incredible benefit of trading services that have given the farm opportunities beyond our capacities. For this we are incredibly grateful. So if you have a creative idea, an agriculture pursuit of interest (like a small batch crop), a service that you feel is relevant, or just a desire to discuss collaboration, please get in touch. 

Real trade story 1

Victory Point wine??

Real trade story 2

Have you traded for food or an animal?

It's even gone digital 

This is where the story about our trade will go

We obviously don't trade everything but if you have a trading proposal for us. Please get in touch

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