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new sourdough first aid class


Sourdough bakers out there - are you producing brick loaves, flat loaves, exploding loaves or pretty good loaves but you just want a bit more assistance? We have developed a first aid sourdough class to focus on the typical problem steps in sourdough, starter management, shaping options, timetables etc. This is for people currently baking but want input. You are welcome and encouraged to bring your starter or a loaf of bread you baked, or your dough etc to class for input and assistance. 

This course is not designed for people who have never baked sourdough. One Table Farm offers lots of alternatives for those of you wishing to learn from scratch or enjoy watching a demo. 

If you are return attendee wanting a bit more advice, please contact us for a discount code to this event. 

Sourdough based morning tea and drinks will be provided. 


Adult ticket $65 + booking fee

Friends group of 4 $240 + booking fee


Future date to be advised

ONLY 10 SPACES available


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