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the complete SOURDOUGH workshop


The ultimate sourdough workshop. 

A hands on, demystifying and complete guide to sourdough bread making including management of your starter, building a levain, bakers percentages, bread, buns, pizza, crumpet making and the best of all...sourdough doughnuts. 

This is a jammed packed workshop that should leave you confident to make sourdough from scratch as you work through each step of the sourdough process. The teaching also recognises the busy nature of our lives and therefore time is spent discussing scheduling of sourdough activities into a standard week.


This is really the most thorough way to learn sourdough baking. Feedback from previous participants has been quite overwhelming with people going on to make a whole range of sourdough goods so confidently following this workshop.    

Participants will be provided with their own starter and a sourdough loaf to take home plus other goodies.  Delicious sourdough based lunch is inclusive both days with morning tea and coffee served each too - you won't leave hungry. But we can pretty much guarantee that the doughnuts are the highlight of this workshop!  The course cost also includes your own high quality Loyal brand banneton and cutting lame (Valued at $45).  Time will also be spent touring our farm. 


  • Delicious sourdough lunch on both days

  • Tea and Coffee all day long if you want it 

  • Menu of sourdough crumpets and hotcakes, sourdough bread, sourdough pizza, sourdough crackers & the best of all - sourdough doughnuts.

  • High quality Loyal banneton proofing basket in the shape of your choice - oval or round

  • Scoring lame

  • Dough scraper (All 3 above valued at $45)

  • Your own loaf of bread

  • Your own sourdough starter taken from our 10 year old starter. 

  • Tour of our farm

  • Other special extras on the day

Cost: $375 pp + booking fee

or for groups of 4 people or more, please contact us for a discounted price. 

Please note that this workshop is subject to cancellation should minimum attendance (4) not be reached. 

sourdough doughnut.png


Upcoming dates to be confirmed. 

Classes run 9:30am to 3:30/4pm each day. 

Some shots from our workshops

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